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ATM SupaNova Carbon Saltwater 16oz

ATM SupaNova Carbon Saltwater 16oz
It's alive! ATM introduces Supernova Living Carbon. Combined with the awesome organics consuming power of ATM Outbreak!, this pro grade activated carbon is seeded with millions of powerhouse bacteria and their enzymes that break down organics that make their way into the carbon. This results in a longer-lasting carbon which acts as a release point for the bacteria in Outbreak! to bring more benefit to your aquatic system. Already proven in public aquariums such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Sea Life facilities for organics control, Outbreak! will replace your ordinary carbon with Living Carbon.

Supernova is a non-pelleted, superior bituminous reef carbon that is not forged with binders found in pelleted carbons. These bindings will break down over time and rapidly if using the powerful bacteria enzymes in ATM Outbreak!. That is why a higher quality carbon will always be in its natural state, providing far more surface area and filtering potential, not to mention impervious to beneficial enzymes!

Carbon, The Media Bacteria Love The Most

Due to its unmatched surface area, composition, and rough surface, carbon acts as the number one choice of housing for the aerobic autotrophs (nitrifying bacteria) that make up your system’s bio-filter. Nitrifying bacteria will choose carbon as their home over any other media nine times out of ten, in other words.

No Added Moisture

Most carbons have moisture added to it, giving you less carbon and more water for your buck. Supernova Living Carbon has zero added moisture, which means you get up to 40% more carbon when you go with ATM. This extra carbon allows a longer use and double the regular volume usage than other carbons.

Measure 1 cup (114 g) of Supernova™ per 100 gallons (378 l) of water monthly for extreme organics conditions.
For typical aquarium conditions measure 1 cup (114 g) of Supernova™ per 200 gallons (756 l) of water bi-monthly.
Place rinsed carbon in high water flow area(s) of aquarium. If removing color and smell, use until water is clear.
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