BIOKIT REEF combines all the Prodibio reef aquarium range in one box:
BIODIGEST is made up of natural nitrifying, nitrate reducing and facultative strains selected for their ability to convert ammonia into nitrites, nitrites into nitrates and nitrates into nitrogen.
BIOPTIM is a natural product that affects cellular bioactivators to accelerate the cellular metabolism of most of the bacteria that live in aquariums.
REEF BOOSTER is a complete nutrient supplement containing all the elements required by the invertebrates and for zooxanthellae carrying coral which need additional microplankton.
IODI+ supplies the hard corals in your aquarium with the iodine they need to grow and for colouration.
STRONTI+ provides all the strontium needed for optimum and healthy coral, clam and coralline algae growth.
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Reef Phytoplankton 500ml
Hobby Jumbo Glass Cleaner Magnet Spare Blades (4 Pk)
Reef-Spec BlueWhite T5 24W
Iodi+ 30
Fluval Nano Marine and Reef LED Lamp (25,000K)
CUPRAZIN 500ml - seawater fungicide / protozoacide.
Seachem Reef Glue 20g
Nyos Quantum 120 Protein Skimmer
EcoTech Multi Light RMS Track, 30.5 inches

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