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Dr Tims Eco Balance Reef, Nano and Seahorse (475ml)

Dr Tims Eco Balance Reef, Nano and Seahorse (475ml)
- Use probiotics against Vibrio & other bacteria
- Fights stress by helping the immune system
- Reduces the amount of unfriendly bacteria

Research has demonstrated that friendly probiotic bacteria are key to maintaining a balanced, stress-free aquarium environment. The normal processes in an aquarium upset this balance and allow unfriendly bacteria and algae to dominate. This can negatively affect water quality and overall fish health.

Eco-Balance uses friendly probiotic bacteria as a natural way to restore and maintain a balanced aquarium environment while enhancing the immune response of saltwater fish. With specific probiotics against several species of Vibrio, Eco-Balance reduces the numbers of bad bacteria resulting in a clean, healthy less-stressful aquarium.

Directions for Use:

CAUTION: When using for the first time consider a half-dose as the potent bacteria in Eco-Balance may cause oxygen levels in the water to temporarily drop.


Minimum dose 10 ml per 10 gallons of aquarium water.

A weekly dose will keep your aquarium in balance.
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