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The Gyractor G1000 Bio Reactor has a unique fluidising plate designed to help keep the Media in suspension and evenly disperse the water upwards for greater removal of bacteria.

This is all achieved by using a very low powered (23 Watts) SICCE SILENT 1.5 syncronous pump which is included.

The reactor includes a specially designed plate at the top to keep the Media within the reactor without the need for sponges.

Dual action reactor: Provides strong agitation of the Marine Bio Pearls / Pellets at the bottom which allows the bacteria to be cleaned off and a slow tumbling action at the top to allow the growth of biofilm.

• Made from class A acrylic & ABS materials.

• Highly Efficient, Durable, Reliable.

• Specially designed key lock head for easy removal.

• Simple to Set Up and Operate.

• Footprint: 14cm x 14cm

• Chamber Diameter: 9cm

• Height: 47cm

• Capacity: 2.5 L

• Designed to easily handle 1L of Marine Bio Pearls / Pellets

BBio Aquatek Gyractor G1000 Bio Reactor
2 x Threaded Hosetails 1 x 12m Roll PTFE Tape 3 x Cable Ties 1 x SICCE Syncra 1.5 Silent Pump 1 x 1M Poly Pipe 19mm Internal Diameter 1 x Free 500ml Sample of our Marine Bio Pearls
Slacken the lid retaining screws at the top of the Gyractor and remove the lid. Lift out the blue plastic top filter to gain access to the main cavity. Place the desired quantity of pearls into the main body of the reactor, being careful not to allow any to fall down the centre feed pipe. It’s a good idea to block this pipe with your finger or a piece of kitchen paper.
Information on the use of Pearls can be found on the separate instruction sheet provided with them.
While the lid is off, wrap about 4-6 turns of PTFE tape (provided) around the threads of the hosetails and screw them into the inlet and exit elbows on the lid. Check the top of the main body to ensure there are no stray pellets that will prevent the lid from making a good seal when replaced.
Replace the top filter and lid, being careful not to over tighten the plastic screws. Finger tight is sufficient to prevent any leaks. The Gyractor can be fitted in or out of a sump and now is a good time to decide on its final position. Needless to say, the pump needs to be submerged in the sump. If the Gyractor is to be used inside a sump, it’s a good idea to prefill it with water before popping it in, as this will prevent the Gyractor from trying to float.
Once the final position has been found, cut the Poly Pipe to length and connect the pump to the centre inlet pipe on top of the Gyractor. The remaining pipe can be cut to length and fitted on the exit pipe. The exit pipe should terminate as close to the skimmer pump input as possible, to ensure that the maximum amount of effluent from the Gyractor can be captured. If for any reason you need to extend the pipework, you can use standard 19mm internal diameter Poly Pipe, available from most good aquatic shops. Secure the pipes to the Gyractor with the cable ties provided.
At this point, you can power the reactor up. Some pearls may float to the top at first because air bubbles are stuck to them. A sharp tap on the side of the reactor will release most of them, but any that remain will eventually fall back. Set the flow control on the pump to give a gentle simmer at the top of the Gyractor with a much more aggressive cleaning action at the bottom. The pump is purposely overrated to allow you to increase flow if the nozzles or top grille start to clog slightly.
The best starting point on pump adjustment is 2 clicks up from the lowest flow.
Ensure that the pump inlet and impellor are regularly cleaned and kept free from debris.
The Gyractor itself can be emptied and the centre pipe carefully lifted out, complete with the bottom plate and nozzles. There are two plastic screws underneath the bottom plate, which when removed, will disassemble the jets to allow for thorough cleaning. When reassembling, the screws only need to be finger tight.
All plastic parts should be cleaned with fresh water only, and any pearls which are to be reused should be washed in old tank water and returned to the reactor.
Should you wish to store the Gyractor for extended periods, it should be carefully broken down, washed and dried before reassembly. To store the pearls, wash them thoroughly in Tap water, drain and allow to completely dry out. Ideally, they should be stored in a paper or cloth bag to allow them to continue to dry. The pearls can be stored like this almost indefinitely.
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