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Grotech Corall B 250ml

Grotech Corall B 250ml
One of the most important tasks of marine water aquaristic is to build an optimal surrounding, which is adapted to the demands of the invertebrates which have to be taken care of.
This comprises besides light, filtering and water quality also a refill of the trace-elements which have been absorbed by the invertebrates in an optimal quantity and composition.
Corall A, B and C are 3 trace-element mixtures which have to be dosed separately and which fulfill all requirements of the invertebrates in every respect.
The composition of Corall A,B and C has been optimized in cooperation with experienced marine water aquarists and during longterm tests in different aquariums, so that with the combined use of Corall A,B and C an equal excellent growing rate and colouring of soft, leather as well as hard corals will be achieved.

Corall A contains Strontium, Magnesium, Barium, Lithium ...

Corall B contains Magnesium, Iron, Chrome, Mangan, Nickel, Kobalt, Copper ...

Corall C contains Fluor, Iodine, Bor, Molybdenum ...

Dosing max. 10 ml / 100 l aquarium water per week of each additive.
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