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H2Ocean Pro+ LPS 60g

H2Ocean Pro+ LPS 60g
Is a purpose engineered marine aquarium food with slightly larger particles that are perfect to feed and enhance many LPS corals and smaller fish.

We have included a soluble amino acid trigger to stimulate the corals and fish into feeding mode with large but light particles that will remain in suspension whilst they feed.

Highly Digestable

For decades the number one goal of many reef aquarists has been to provide enough nutrition to corals and fish to encourage good growth, health and strong coloration without the accumulation in the tank of excess nutrients that pollute the water and lead to deteriorating conditions.

Many foods available require a considerable amount of digestion on the part of the fish or coral before any nutrition is obtained from the product. In many cases this leads to large amounts of waste being generated as undigested food passes through the gut with minimal nutrition uptake.

Using advanced production methods and carefully chosen ingredients our new foods make this process much easier and faster for both the fish and corals, so the amount of nutrition gained per feed is higher than previously available in many cases and consequently the amount of waste left over is reduced.

All Natural Ingredients
Our range of foods uses a wide assortment of highly nutritional natural ingredients including spriulina, fish, tuna, mussel, clam, decapsulated brine shrimp eggs and other marine sourced proteins to offer a much wider availability of essential elements, amino acids and proteins to provide a complete and varied diet to even the most demanding species of coral and fish.

Special Feeding Trigger

By selecting and infusing key soluble amino acids into each and every one of our foods that act as a chemical scent we have perfected the art of inciting a feeding response that will have fish going into a frenzy as soon as the food is introduced, and corals opening out within minutes of introduction to the water column. This trigger is essential in letting corals know the food is present so they can open up and capture the prey items efficiently before they are removed by filtration systems.

Food Particle Size

Each of our foods has been specifically designed to provide a range of food particle sizes relevant to the animals in question, be that large polyped stony corals such as Lobophylia, small polyped corals such as Acropora, or filter feeding organisms such as clams, gorgonians, molluscs, fan worms and other fauna both large and small. Feeding the correct particle sizes has been proven in tests to offer a much higher capture and retention rate compared to capture and rejection. The end result is that your corals will consume more food with less going to waste.

Coral Foods and Low Nutrient Systems

With more people looking to achieve low nutrient systems to achieve strong colouration in corals, the numbers of colour masking symbiotic algae or zooxanthellae within the coral tissue reduce due to the lack of available phosphate and nitrate.
This can in extreme cases lead to the coral dying or being on the brink of starvation as it no longer has the ability to process so much energy from the light and must rely on direct nutrient uptake from the water. Corals like this are very fragile and can be easily overcome by a variation in water quality or water temperature. Regular feeding with our special H2Ocean coral foods provides the nutrient uptake that the coral require to grow and thrive and goes hand in hand with low nutrient systems.

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