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Reef Phytoplankton 250ml

Reef Phytoplankton 250ml
Reef Phytoplankton™ is a concentrated blend of green and brown marine phytoplankton designed to provide the essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, with biological carotenoids for invertebrate diet. Size ranges from 1-20 ¼m to feed a broad range of tropical marine aquarium filter feeders and invertebrates.

Reef Phytoplankton™ contains a natural source of carotenoids which provides essential proteins as well as a more bioavailable source of pigmentation when compared to other natural sources and synthetic pigments. Carotenoids provide the extra benefit of antioxidant activity.

In addition, Reef Phytoplankton™ is enhanced to increase the bioavailability of important nutrients such as proteins, lipids, B vitamins, and other organic pigments, thus, corals expend less energy to derive the nutritional benefit.

It is blended to contain the proper ratio of fatty acids, carbohydrates, and proteins. Blending phytoplankton yields better nutritional value. Studies * show increased consumption of phytoplankton in filter feeders when using mixed cultures versus a single culture of phytoplankton.
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