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Reef Strontium 500ml

Reef Strontium 500ml
Reef Strontium™ is intended to restore and maintain strontium to levels found in natural seawater without affecting pH. Strontium is utilized in the same manner as calcium and holds a similar importance in maintaining a vigorous level of growth.

Strontium occurs in natural seawater at a concentration of about 8 to 10 mg/L. It is chemically very similar to calcium, and many organisms incorporate it in their skeletons along with calcium. Its addition to reef aquariums aids the growth of corals, coralline algae and other organisms that lay down a calcereous skeleton or shell, including tridacnid clams.

BEGINNER: Use 1 capful (5 mL) per 80 L (20 gallons) twice a week. ADVANCED: Check strontium level, then follow dosing regimen above until strontium is adjusted to 8–12 mg/L. Each dose will raise strontium by about 0.6 mg/L. Size or frequency of dose can be adjusted. Thereafter, use as required to maintain strontium. EXPERT: After determining the strontium consumption rate, set up a continuous drip system. Use the following formula to determine how much to add to your top-off water: m=0.4vs (m=mL of product to add to top off water, v=volume of tank in gallons, s=amount to raise strontium in mg/L). For example, if you want to raise strontium by 2 mg/L in a 50 gallon tank, then you would add 0.4x50x2=40 mL into the top-off water. HINTS: Use the Reef Status™: Strontium test kit to measure strontium.
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