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Reeflowers KH Blend 1L

Reeflowers KH Blend 1L
ReeFlowers kH Blend is a highly effective alkalinity and carbonate hardness (kH) enhancer solution that facilitates the structural development of corals, oysters and similar aquarium inhabitants.
Aerobic respiration and weak acids caused by decomposing organic materials lowers the alkalinity level in an aquarium. kH solution helps to bring stability to aquarium pH levels by increasing alkalinity levels
Every aquarium has a different kH consumption
level. Before using the product determine the kH
degree of your aquarium using an appropriate test
kit. A maximum of 10ml of solution can be used
per 100 litres of water at a time until the desired
level is reached (10ml of solution provides 1dkH
increase in 100 litres of water). Once the desired
level is reached, optimum consumption can be
determined by means of periodical tests; solution
can then be added daily or weekly as required.
If the daily consumption level exceeds 0,5 dkH,
it is recommended that the solution is added
continually via a dosing pump.
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